Small Boobs Rock

While a big bust is constantly thrown around the media as being sexier and better in this cleavage-obsessed era, I do not see, for the life of me, how having a mass of fat prominently sticking out of your chest is any attractive. Heard the phrase “More Than A Handful Is A Waste?”

More Pleasure!

hot girl in bed with small tits

Bigger boobs are actually 24 % less sensitive, even up to 4 times less sensitive, to small tits…. Despite what porn stars may have you believing. This is because larger breasts have more fatty tissue than glandular tissue, which is the most sensitive part. With smaller breasts, the glands are easier to stimulate during foreplay because they aren’t underneath a fatty layer. Moreover, since smaller boobs weigh less, they can handle more movement.


Healthier Too

sexy liberated woman with small tits

Sporting petite twins maintains the bod in good condition too. Larger boobs are heavier, and that puts pressure on the body- it alters a woman’s posture so her neck is strained and she’s more likely to have headaches and back pains. Bigger chested women also deal with severe bra strap indentations in the shoulders, breathing problems, and chafing in the crease below the breasts.

Younger Look

sexy girl with small boobies

Men are hardwired to notice big breasts (shocker!), but not for the reason you think- in the caveman days, men needed a way to tell a woman’s age and that was by her mammary glands- larger breasts sag over time thus it was an indicator that a woman was older. It is more difficult to assess a woman’s age if she has smaller breasts however, because the perennially perky girls are less affected by gravity, they look younger (girly) longer.

Attract Financially-Secured Men

Keira KnightleyAside from aesthetically pleasing benefits of small boobies, financially stable men go for small ones while poor men prefer big breasts. Yep, it’s a study done by Psychology Today that asked men of different socio-economic statuses which breast size they found more sexually attractive. As it turns out, women with large breasts are luring in the poor fellas- women’s breast size may act as a “signal of fat reserves, which in turn advertises access to resources.

Attract Satiated Men


Hungry men desire big breasts too, while satiated men prefer a smaller chest. A follow-up to the previous study, researchers set out to see whether “food security” played a role in preferences of breast size. They discovered that men whose stomachs were full were more attracted to smaller breasts and hungry men preferred fuller breasts.

Turn Away Sexist Men


Hmmm, not only are guys who have a thing for big boobs shallow, Science proves they’re sexist too… A study from the University of Westminster examined the connection between sexism in men and breast size, and men who see bigger boobs as more attractive also see women as “meek and weak.”

Channeling Flappers

roaring 20s flapper girls

Flapper girls were fearless, fun and liberated- these women spoke up for what they believed in and dissed the  status quo- they dressed how they liked, drank whatever they wanted, and avoided “mainstream.” One key element to their all-the-rage look? These roaring 1920s girls were flat-chested. Women who were better-endowed actually taped down their breasts to join in on the gender-barrier breaking flapper revolution. More than 90 years later, the look is still adored.

Elegant Look

hot braless look

The elegant look is easily achieved with small breasts, must be something to do with proportions and not coming off as try-hard. One can rock something really low-cut, a button down, or a strapless without coming of as “slutty” or ratchet as with big boobed women. This is a fashion convenience that women with larger breasts simply can’t enjoy without using strapless bras and fabric stickers.

Bra Liberation



Who does not love going-braless? Other than braziers being restrictive and uncomfortable, a French study found that wearing bras actually made boobs sag more… not less. What’s more, there are so many cute options of bras with interesting designs for small boobs- unlike some of the larger bras that look like something your grandma would wear. It is easy to find the right bra size with small boobs too, without worrying about an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

Physical Activities Isn’t Awkward


It’s a challenge to try and get a good workout with your breasts flopping around in the most uncomfortable way. With smaller ones, you can exercise without the flopping, extra sweating, and possibly looking ridiculous… In bed girl on girl

Good things do come in small packages, from feeling more pleasure in bed to attracting better men, those are 10 reasons small boobs rock.bohemiantumblr_nbyp1e2abF1r721meo3_500tumblr_nbyp1e2abF1r721meo2_500

sexy redhead with small boobssexy cowgirllolitaflapper


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